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The play in question is by an Indian, Bengaluru-based playwright Abhishek Majumdar

Mr Murdoch’s TV channels and newspaper columns would have projected only favourable reports.Having to chop and change was a sad comedown for a theatre that braved convention in 1956 to stage John Osborne’s socially pioneering plays Look Back in Anger and The Entertainer. Initially, the Royal Court pleaded “financial reasons” for suppressing it.Diplomats at the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office must have enjoyed telling India House diplomats who complained of hostile or slanted coverage in the old Daily Express, which always referred to “Bandit Nehru”, that while they deplored any hurt caused to Indians, Britain’s press was free and, sadly, outside the government’s control. All China did to win over such a diligent ally was to allow him the opportunity of making money. The Royal Court also made historynine years later by turning itself into a “private members club” that lay outside the purview of censorship.

The world’s oldest publisher, Cambridge University Press, agreed last year to block access to some 300 articles on subjects ranging from Tibet to Tiananmen Square in China Quarterly, which it publishes, and to which Beijing objected. Not that Beijing has uttered a word in protest. China’s foreign direct investment in Britain more than doubled last year — from $9. Behind its warning that China might retaliate by blocking another project involving the Royal Court and 16 writers in China must have loomed fears regarding the massive Chinese investment that could provide Britain with a crutch when it hobbles out of the European Union. It now seems likely that the play will be staged after all early next year. The dodge succeeded until the Theatres Act of 1968 abolished theatre censorship altogether.Such pragmatic partnerships are not possible in India because of two reasons.

The Alibaba Group which now owns the Post has reportedly “gone on a hiring spree of journalists from outlets like the BBC and the New York Times to help bring an international tone to its coverage. Mr Murdoch made no bones of the BBC being in China’s doghouse as much because of its coverage of the Tiananmen Square massacre as for broadcasting an China audio cable types Manufacturers unflattering documentary on Mao Zedong.Having acquired Star, he lopped off the British Broadcasting Corporation’s news broadcast to northern Asia, again to placate Beijing.Had New Delhi encouraged Rupert Murdoch’s dreams of an Asian media network, it wouldn’t have needed to worry about adverse propaganda over Kashmir. India can’t match the huge investments that China makes out of its foreign exchange reserves of more than $3 trillion, but India can give strategic investors a more compelling stake in its continued prosperity and stability. The Royal Court, where it was to be staged, famously defied censorship in the 1960s but is in danger now of falling prey to the old adage that no censorship is so effective as self-censorship.More recently, the organisers of the Man Booker International prize agreed to change the nationality label of Wu Ming-Yi, a Taiwanese artist who is also known for his non-fiction books, and who was one of the 13 longlisted authors for the prize.The controversy over a play being withdrawn from a leading London theatre reminds us how much India can learn from China when it comes to winning friends and influencing people.

His ambition of controlling the airwaves across all Asia – Mr Murdoch paid nearly a billion dollars for Star TV, already Asia’s largest cable television network – explained his decision in 1993 to sell the South China Morning Post whose liberal tradition of fair reporting probably wouldn’t have gone down well with China’s authoritarian rulers.8 billion — despite uncertainty over Brexit.The trick lies in finding international allies who not only accept India’s position on certain controversial issues but find it rewarding to broadcast their support. Narasimha Rao and then Atal Behari Vajpayee considered allowing the international media to publish in India.. It didn’t need it. In consequence, despite all the talk about “soft power”, India has little influence abroad. Faced with a volley of international criticism for kowtowing to the Chinese, they restored the original definition.China doesn’t always get its way. Bowing to pressure from Beijing, the Man Booker authorities arbitrarily changed Wu’s nationality to “Taiwan, China”. Second, jealous Indian businessmen fan official mistrust to protect their own empires from legitimate competition by foreigners. Capitulating decisions are sometimes reversed.

To rub in the message, the play in question is by an Indian, Bengaluru-based playwright Abhishek Majumdar.V. Mr Murdoch’s publicity machine wouldn’t say a word that contradicted the official Beijing line.2 billion to $20. We saw both factors in operation in the violently hostile reaction when P. Only an application under the Freedom of Information Act dragged out the truth. That would be a more effective way of projecting a positive image than embassy or high commission officials lodging petulant protests.The Chinese, on the other hand, are able to persuade some of the West’s most prestigious institutions to do their bidding. Apparently, Majumdar’s play Pah-La takes a more sympathetic view of Tibetans than the Chinese are expected to appreciate.From Thames Water to Barclays Bank, football clubs to nuclear power, tourism to real estate, the Chinese are into everything British. That seems to have happened with Abhishek Majumdar’s play. First, all Indian politicians — of the militant left and the Hindu right — remain suspicious of the presumed political designs of foreign investors. Its work was done by the British government’s cultural wing, the British Council, which was quaking in its boots lest China takes umbrage.” Narendra Modi’s image makers should find it instructive to watch and see how reputable journalists, as opposed to sycophantic hangers-on, reconcile professional credibility with their mission statement of improving China’s image abroad

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It communicates with the company’s servers to send information such as engine health

The data pronounces the cars health if they are functioning perfectly or if there is a service required. The data provides a location of the car in real time, the car’s engine health and a few other parameters. In order for the owner to have this feature with him, he could opt for a third-party OBD device and monitor his car’s health and progress on his smartphone or laptop. In the end, the device promises a better car ownership at very affordable prices. This port is a diagnostics port that connects to a compatible hardware and sensors around the car feed this information to the software. The device comes with a one-year subscription model included in the cost, and you need to renew the subscription on a yearly basis. This is the power indicator that lights up even when the car is not turned on.The Rollr Mini is this very OBD device that combines the power of GPS and an internet connection that works as the main interface.

The Rollr Mini is priced at Rs 6,499 for the hardware and one-year service package, while the yearly subscriptions are available for Rs 1,200 (under discount) or Rs 1,800 (if no discounts are available). This data is only accessible to car service centres and not to the driver or owner of the vehicle. The app is feature rich and gives you various crucial information such as engine turn on every time the engine is started, over speeding (if activated from the app), a geographical area crossed by the vehicle (if Geofence is activated from the app), engine health and logging trips, time, route and driving statistics such as hard breaking, excess acceleration, etc. Most high-end boundary cable and luxury cars usually have sensors for everything and the dashboard itself has a mini computer that reads it out to the driver. Using the app is a no-brainer — even a new customer/user will get to know the features within a few days of use.. These driving habits can be found out and controlled for a better and safer driving experience. Once you install the app, all you need to do is follow the registration procedure on the screen and register and lock the Rollr Mini OBD to your account. Since the company provides the internet connection for the service period of one year, the user does not need to do anything or pay for anything more.The car’s engine health is always in check each time you drive.

There are two types of services available — app only and app + SMS, where notifications can also be reported to you via SMS texts in case you are not in a data zone. It sends all the information to the servers back at the call centre where the data is crunched into analysis and sent back to the owner’s app. If your engine and coolant are running hot, you would be alerted in advance so that you can get it inspected from your service centre rather than being stranded on the road without this information. This device is a product of parts manufacturer and service provider Samvardhana Motherson and is a Made in India project that aims to protect vehicle drivers on and off the road. before you do so, make sure your car is compatible, or call the company for help. Sadly, the device does not come with an extension cable bundled — so if your car has no space to accommodate the Rollr Mini comfortably, you may need to purchase an extension cord/cable from the market, which should cost around Rs 500 or less.The SIM card within the device connects over the company’s partner telecom ISPs for an internet connection and latches up with the servers. You are set and ready to shut the dashboard and forget about it. It lacks Bluetooth connectivity and relies completely on the internet path to send information to the owner’s smartphone. Once you plug in the device to the OBD II port, you will notice a green notification LED lighting up.All you need to do is purchase a Rollr Mini device, and simply locate the OBD port in your car and plug it in. These include engine malfunction, engine temperature, battery health, coolant temperature, ambient temperature, fuel level and a lot more.You can also monitor your driving style and understand the engine more closely in order to save fuel.

It communicates with the company’s servers to send information such as engine health and GPS locations apart from a few other features and routes the data to the vehicle owner.Using the above information on the engine health, you can know the status of your engine well in advance. The car manual should help you with most information on that, but most cars purchased around 2014 and onwards should be compatible.Rating: Rollr Mini, a name that may not sound as familiar to most Indians out there. The device is nothing but a simple OBD device that is embedded with a GPD tracking chip and a GSM SIM card for basic internet connectivity.The Rollr Mini is an OBD device that plugs into your car’s computer using the OBD II port that is located below the dashboard. This data is broken down into information that the vehicle owner can use on his smartphone. Similarly, your battery health and fuel levels are also informed which can be a lifesaver if you are out for an urgent long trip. However, all this information depends purely on your car model and if your car has the respective sensors. Sensors inside the engine and around the car send the required information back to the app. For example, the app gives you information on how long your engine has been idling, if you braked suddenly, or accelerated out of need, etc.The Rollr Mini keeps recording data as and when you start your engine, roll on and stop

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The technology, which for now can only be used in the laboratory

Mr Burkhart first demonstrated the “neural bypass” technology in 2014 when he was able simply to open and close his hand.“This study marks the first time that a person living with paralysis has regained movement by using signals recorded from within the brain,” said bioelectronic medicine researcher Chad Bouton of the New York-based Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, who worked on the study at the Battelle Memorial Institute in Ohio. The chip, connected to a cable running from his head to a sleeve containing the electrodes wrapped around his forearm, sends brain signals that stimulate muscles controlling the hands and fingers. Such injuries disrupt nervous system signal pathways between the brain and muscles.

Scientists on Wednesday described accomplishments achieved by 24-year-old quadriplegic Ian Burkhart using an implanted chip that relays signals from his brain through 130 electrodes on his forearm to produce muscle movement in his hands and fingers.Surgeons implanted the pea-sized chip into his motor cortex, which controls voluntary muscular activity.Burkhart, with six wrist and hand motions, could rotate his hand, make a fist, pinch his China audio cable types factory fingers together, grasp objects like a bottle, spoon and telephone, swipe a credit card and play the video game simulating guitar strumming.. But the scientists, in research published in the journal Nature, said he can now perform multiple useful tasks with more sophisticated hand and finger movements.

The technology, which for now can only be used in the laboratory, is being perfected with an eye toward a wireless system without the need for a cable running from the head to relay brain signals.”“Things are kind of moving along better than I imagined,” Mr Burkhart said.Ohio State University Wexner Medical Centre neurosurgeon Ali Rezai called the results a “milestone in the evolution of brain-computer interface technology. (Photo: AP)An Ohio man paralysed in an accident while diving in waves can now pick up a bottle or play the video game Guitar Hero thanks to a small computer chip in his brain that lets his mind guide his hands and fingers, bypassing his damaged spinal cord.”

The technology potentially could help people not only after spinal cord injuries but after strokes or traumatic brain injuries, Bouton added.Mr Burkhart, a former lacrosse goalie, suffered a broken neck and spinal cord damage at age 19 diving into a wave at North Carolina’s Outer Banks in 2010, causing paralysis of his arms and legs.Mr Burkhart said the technology lets him function like “a normal member of society.In this September 2014 photo provided by Ohio State University, Ian Burkhart participates in a study with neural bypass technology at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Centre in Columbus

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If you are looking for a small form-factor PC for your home or office

5-inch HDD or SSD storage (6Gbps SATA3) and a single SO-DIMM DDR3L (up to 8GB, 1066/1600MHz) slot for RAM.2 NGFF 2230 A-E slow (presently occupied by an optional Wi-Fi + BT card) 1 x Gigabit LAN, Realtek ALC255 audio, 1 x VGA, 1 x HDMI, 4 x USB 3.The BRIX is made of a plastic + metal cabinet/chassis. The PC is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8.(THIS STORY ORIGINALLY APPEARED ON DECCAN CHRONICLE).5-inch HDD or SSD. To install Windows on your BRIX, all you need to do is head to another computer, log on to the Gigabyte website and download the Windows installation setup software. As for the performance of the BRIX, it completely depends on the RAM, hard drive installed and the BRIX model you have opted for. Attach the vesa mount bracket if you wish to mount it behind a monitor, or simply leave it on the table besides the monitor—it’s your call. Pop open the unit and you will find the space for a hard drive on the bottom plate.

The BRIX is an ultra compact, versatile DIY PC kit that redefines the desktop PC in terms of miniaturization with a form factor that is small enough to sit in the palm of your hand. Connect the cables for the power, keyboard, mouse and monitor, and optional LAN, and you’re done. The top plate has a slit opening on all sides which, along with vents on the bottom and three sides provides sufficient and efficient cooling for the components within. The bay has screw holes for fitting and the bottom side has heat-transfer cum protection sticky rubber cushions where the hard drive can rest on. The left side sports the VGA and audio ports, while the rear features two more USB ports, the HDMI, LAN and power socket.The BRIX barebone ultra-compact PC kit comes along with a vesa mounting plate or bracket which can be mounted to the vesa mounting area on the rear of a monitor or LCD TV. Turn over the unit on its face, and unscrew the four screws from the four corners. Check out the other models from Gigabyte BRIX.Power on BRIX and you should hit the BIOS screen to configure all the necessary hardware areas. Lastly, inside the cabinet, you will find the compact motherboard with an empty RAM slot. The user has to install his own components and peripherals according to his choice. The top has a plastic glossy face with a chrome power button towards the lower edge. The bottom has four rubber shoes or spacers and two screw holes for mounting it to the vesa mount brackets.The BRIX presently has three models for India. All supported drivers are available on their website, post installation of the operating system. Installation: Setting up the BRIX is fairly simple and you only need a single screwdriver for the entire installation.

If you are looking for a small form-factor PC for your home or office, the BRIX barebones PC are one of the best suggestions. You can convert your Windows DVD into a bootable Windows installation drive by using the ‘Windows USB Installation tool’ available on Gigabyte’s website. Do note: These models are barebones and don not contain RAM, storage, input devices and display monitors. The motherboard features an onboard Intel HD graphics, 1 x PCIe M. You can also mount it elsewhere according to the convenience of your work area. While the BRIX GB-BACE-3000 is priced at Rs 10,500, the BXi3H-5010-BW (5th Gen Core i3-based) is priced at Rs 22,500 and the BXi5H-5200-BW (5th Gen Core i5-based) is available for Rs 29,500. Installation of the operating system can be done via a USB flash drive, or a USB DVD ROM drive. The BRIX is well suited for small homes, children’s computers, HTPC, workshops, small offices, video conferencing, outdoor displays, shops, libraries, laboratories, hospitals, government organisations, schools, banks, and many other areas where space is a major concern. Usually, this can be left out with default settings as the BIOS chips today are intelligent enough to handle the entire system without the need of a user.0 (2 x rear + 2 x front), 1 x DC input, 1 x micro SD car slot and 1 x Kensington lock provision.

The BRIX also supports dual display setups via VGA and HDMI simultaneously. With a small footprint, the BRIX can be a wonderful desktop PC for small homes, SME setups as well as large offices. Once done, screw on the four screws back again and you are ready to rock. The front sports two USB ports and a micro SD card, which makes it easy to plug in if you are leaving it on a desk. The hard drive bay takes in a 2.08GHz processor with a fan-less heatsink, supports a single 2. Follow the procedures on the screen and transfer the Windows setup files from the DVD to the USB flash drive. Install the RAM, plug in the hard drive and assemble the unit back again.The BRIX GB-BRACE-3000 features a 14nm Intel Celeron N3000 2. All you need is basic minimalistic skills China lawn mower throttle cable factory of computer assembly. As mentioned, power saving and space are the USB highlights of the Gigabyte BRIX. The BRIX not only saves on space, but also saves on power. Plug out the Pen drive and insert it into any of the USB ports on the BRIX and install Windows by following the instructions on the screen. Once done, you are set.The BRIX, as mentioned earlier, is a miniature desktop computer with similar capabilities. A plastic connector for the SATA cable is provided which runs from the motherboard to the hard drive.1 and Windows 10, 64-bit and 32-bit operating systems

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We also noticed that cable heated up noticeably during charging

One such product is their newly launched power bank. Except for the width, it feels like a premium smartphone made of aluminium. All you need to do is press the power check button twice to activate the lower power mode; it disengages if no device has been detected for 30 minutes. The 2i also features safety systems built in to prevent any kind of mishaps to your expensive smartphone. Xiaomi claims that the 10000mAh model’s maximum efficiency is around 6000mAh, which is not bad for a Rs 800 power bank. The 2i gains support for charging smaller wearables, which means that you can plug in your smart band or smartwatch too.To sum it up, the Mi Power Bank 2i ticks all the right boxes for a power bank seeker — a stylish body, built-in safety features, fast charging with QC certification and a bargain price tag of Rs 799. However, Xiaomi bundles only a micro USB cable with the 2i, which means you will have to tag along a converter port (dongle) for a USB Type-C or Lightning port. We plugged in an iPhone 8 Plus and it managed to charge the phone a faster than the charger Apple ships with the phone.However, the 2i’s party piece is its fast charging capability.

Xiaomi has also been a name to be reckoned with in the power bank segment and their existing power bank models have shown that dull mobile accessories can be made to look like desirable products. Therefore, to keep up with the times and redefine the segment, the company unveiled two new power bank models in the Indian market. We tested it on multiple devices and managed to top up smartphones such as OnePlus 5T, Xiaomi Mi 5 and iPhone 8 Plus close to three times on a single charge. Compared to the older entry-level power bank, the new one adorns a sleek and stylish profile. Tempting, isnt it? We have been using the 10000mAh 2i for a while now and we definitely need to mention that it is a great add-on for your mobile accessories. If you are using an older power bank, them the 2i will be a notable upgrade to its fast charging capabilities and eye-clinching aesthetics.5 times. The 2i supports all smartphones with Qualcomm’s Quick Charge (QC) technology as well as other smartphones with the ability to support higher power inputs.A peek at the top and you will notice two USB ports — yes, the 2i supports simultaneous dual charging. Xiaomi puts an anti-smudge coating as well adds some kind of scratch resistance to the body, meaning that you won’t have to keep your shiny new power bank in some type of casing or keep it hidden from others in your bag. The power banks make a great option for gifting too.

In 2017, if you are in the market for a smart mobile gadget, then Xiaomi is a name that will ring your bells at first thought. Not only does it deliver power swiftly, it tops up itself too in the same way — the 2i can use fast chargers to fully lawn mower throttle cable Suppliers charge itself in around three hours. If you want more juice for your gadgets on the go, then 20000mAh model will be the one we would highly recommend. Xiaomi claims that it can charge an average midrange smartphone with around 3000mAh battery 2. The company is also known for making notable electronic accessories with smart features at affordable prices. However, if you require more power backup outdoors, the 20000mAh @Rs 1,499 is recommended. However, scratch resistant doesn’t mean scratch proof, which is why we always exercised caution while keeping it on dusty desks or on rough surfaces to keep the power bank look spotless. Apart from that, there’s a micro USB port to charge the power bank itself (accompanied by an LED indicator arrangement) and a power check button.

We also noticed that cable heated up noticeably during charging. The company has been responsible for revolutionising the budget smartphone market with affordable quality products (most of our Xiaomi smartphone reviews end up earning our recommendation). To put that in context, any budget tablet PC with an equivalent battery takes around five hours to fill up themselves.(Also published on Deccan Chronicle). Named as the Mi Power Bank 2i (an obvious name), the new range of smartphone fuel tanks start from a mere Rs 799 for a 10000mAh and a decent Rs 1,499 for a 20000mAh variant.As stated earlier, Xiaomi redefines most product segments and the new Power Bank 2i is no exception.5 times, whereas an iPhone 8 can be charged around 3.The 2i’s 10000mAh Lithium-ion battery can top up your phone multiple times, depending on the battery rating

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The buried cable, which is the second line of this PIDS system

The official said that he is not sure whether the PIDS can help the situation. But in Delhi or in Mumbai, it’s tough to rely on PIDS alone. DIAL said, “The police has been making various security arrangements outside the terminal area, including putting up barricades, deploying manpower and upgrading mobile patrolling through extra deployment of PCR vans and motorcycles. The system is being jointly monitored by the CISF and DIAL team. Around 50-100 alarms are being generated on an average and among them around 80-85 per cent alarms are fake. If we take charge, we have to reduce the manpower from IGI Airport which will be a serious threat to airport security,” said the official. There is a 24x7 maintenance team in place to ensure uptime and availability of PIDS,” said the DIAL spokesperson. “The situation is thus especially since most airports in the country are situated right next to the city.

We cannot rely on this system alone. The PIDS is manned by CISF to detect, assess, neutralise and track potential or actual breaches of the perimeter. At present, the CISF is manning all security systems, including PIDS,” said the DIAL spokesperson.“We asked the airport operator to build the watch tower at a distance of 300 meters.Meanwhile, DIAL said, “In accordance with the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) regulatory requirements, the PIDS was installed at the IGI Airport.“The PIDS system is not 100 per cent reliable.“Though the system has been improved over the period, still it is generating fake alarms.” “All technical maintenance issues of PIDS are resolved on a real-time basis by a dedicated PIDS IT support team deployed in Security Operations Control Centre.The recent terror attack at the Istanbul airport may be an eye-opener for the security agencies of all the international airports across the world, but in the national capital, the agencies are yet to wake up to the compromised security at IGI Airport. Even the buried cable hasn’t been working for a long time.

“The system initially had some teething problems that were duly addressed. Even after spending almost Rs 5 crore, technical glitches seem to have handicapped the Perimeter Intr-uder Detection System (PIDS) at the Delhi airport.The PIDS has physical and covert detection systems with taut wire, buried cable, about 200 CCTV cameras for live visuals, radars, more than 40 watch-towers and a patrolling track along the perimeter wall that covers the areas as far as 27 km, excluding the Air Force area and the existing Wholesale cable and wire terminal buildings.PIDS is a four-layered, hitech security system that eventually covers the entire 27-km perimeter of the airport. The excessive alarms were controlled and the system was stabilised.”If there is any plan of Delhi police to deploy bulletproof vehicles around the city area and approach roads, then it would be a welcome step. The system is checked by the CISF through manual testing at least four times a day,” the spokesperson added. The status of PIDS of IGI Airport is still disputed as it has been generating fake alarms.“In the wake of the Pathankot incident, joint exercises have been conducted by the CISF and DIAL. “At numerous meetings, the CISF had flagged issues such as false alarms,” the official added. We have been jointly monitoring it with DIAL. The PIDS is functioning effectively. However, Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) claims that the PIDS is functioning effectively.

The buried cable, which is the second line of this PIDS system, has been out of function for several days,” said a senior Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) official, on the condition of anonymity. Delhi experiences extreme weather conditions, especially during the winter season when fog covers the entire airport premise thus affecting visibility and the security personnel as well,” said the official.Meanwhile boundary walls are being constructed by airport operator on the east and west side of National Highway 8.“Taking a cue from the 2014 Karachi airport attack, and to tackle terror attacks and evacuation of people during such crisis hours and after analysing such facts, it was concluded that the IGI Airport requires bulletproof vehicles at the earliest to be used for evacuation of passengers during such incidents,” said a source.” “PIDS sets off an alarm when a person, animal, vehicle or any unauthorised person applies pressure on the taut wire installed over the perimeter wall. In Hyderabad, it is functioning fine simply because the airport is at a considerable distance from the main city. The construction of the wall opposite Shiv Murti towa-rds the east side is expected to be completed within four months, while the wall between Dwarka Road and Shahbad Mohammadpur village towards the west side is likely to be completed in six months. We need a combination of manpower and technology to ensure water-tight sealing of the airport perimeter,” said the official. Due to its malfunction, the CISF has not taken its charge fully under its control.”

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